About the Game

Animal Voyage is a free game created and developped by Pocket Gems. It was released officially on August 2013. The goal of the game is to rescue stranded animals on islands and build your own animal paradise.


Animal Voyage can be played on iOS and Android platforms. It cannot be played on the computer.

Tutorial: Your first day playing Animal Voyage

When you first start

When you first start, you will have Remy the Red Panda on your side. He will help you reach and Zahra the Hippo. Then, your team will rescue Saka the Gorilla. Finally, you will rescue Huli the Snow Leopard. Then you open the crate, which contains the material needed to repair the ship which allows you to visit different islands. Then, you will progress to the next island: the Arctic Isles. In every island, you will find bridges to repair, costing you your resources.

Rescuing Animals

When you rescue animals, you need to defeat a puzzle. You need to win either 1, 2 or 3 times to sucsessfully rescue the Animal. After you rescue it, you need to build it a home before it can start helping you on your journeys. Also, you cannot rescue another Animal if you currently have a Animal waiting for its home.