Player's Walkthrough - Quests Spoilers

Follow tutorial instructions to rescue Hippo and build his home, repair the farm, plant food, feed the animals, and repair bridges!

Q1: Rescue the snow leopard! (prizes 20 coins, 20 leaf)

1/2 Rescue the snow leopard
2/2 build his home (120 coins, 30 mins, pass mini game)

Q2: Repair the broken ship (30 coins, 10 leaf)

1/2 Open the Crate ( got Hammer)
2/2 Fix the Ice ship (1 Hammer, 50 coins, 25 leaf)
Earthquake incoming! Back to mainland unlocks the Arctic Isles region!

Q3: Discover the Arctic! (15 coins, 15 leaf)

1/4 Finish building Snow Leopard's home (pass mini game first)
2/4 Rescue the Arctic Fox
Set Sail to Alpine Island, take snow leopard the only animal, cost 20 coins
Clear glass obstacles then create Bridge to cross to cross pond, need one rope (clear more glass to get) and 45 mins. Play the mini game to finish rescue the fox. You may try the mini game if first try failed. Just make more blueberry for snow leopard so you can play again.
3/4 Expand your mainland for a new house plot (60 leaf)
4/4 Build the Arctic Fox a home (260 coins 1:30 hrs)
By now cross Bridge side quest is also completed.

Q4: Resue the Penguin (20 coins, 20 leaf)

1/5 Send snow leopard and arctic fox to the arctic isles (click on iceship docked at the mainland, click set sail and select two animals, 27 coins)
2/5 find a wooden plank to repair the bridge and reach the penguin
Treasure crates (clock wise from leftside: coins, rope, ice, wood plank, ice, Wooden Plank,Spade , Spade)
Those two animals cannot clear trees.
3/5 Help the stranded Penguin escape
Repair bridge (1 wood plank, 30 leaf, 1:30 hrs)
Mini game to finish rescu and sail back
4/5 expand to make room for Penguin's home
Choose a home plot in the next to ice waterall to expand (70 leaf)
5/5 Build the Penguin a home (400 coins, 4 hrs)

Q6: Collect Raspberry Bush on your mainland (10 coins unlock Raspberry farming)

Q7: Limited Time Quest (13:22:35:00) - Rescue Alba the Lost White Lion (10 crystals prizes)

1/3 Rescue 3 animals for the jungles (already checked off by now)
2/3 venture in the cold and save 3 Arctic animals (already done by now)
3/3 Explore savannah for the elusive white tiger to see if Alba's there

Q8: Fun in the Snow! (15 coins, 15 leaf)

1/3: Send Penguin and the Arctic Fox to the Arctic Isles (35 coins)
tips: keep farming blueberries and raspberries for food reserve.

NOTE: You do not have to send the Arctic Fox to Arctic Isles. You will complete part 1 of the quest even though if you dont send the Actic Fox to Arctic Isles.

2/3: clear 5 rocks with penguin (cross the ice bridge already finished and there are piles of rocks on the left. Treasure crate contains ice)
3/3: repair the bridge to resuce more animals (1 wooden plank, 30 leaf, 3 hrs)
Going for the Polar Bear on the right side first:
5 crystals on the treasure crate before the ice bridge.
cost 50 crystals to repair the bridge instantly
rescue the next one now (need to pass mini game)
Continue toward the black bear to the north.
treasure creates contains: Spade, Spade, Wooden Plank
will send polar bear first and build it a home before Lynx can be send back to the mainland.
Expand to the home plot next to the ice waterfall not the one on the north. (2 hrs to expand, 1.5 hrs to build)

Q9: Help trapped animal

1/2 clear a path to the trapped animal and rescue it (Esmerelda the Lynx)
2/2 Build it a home (1760 coins, 5 hrs)
Expend the home plot at the south west next to the tower with a question mark (140 leaf, 2 hrs)

Make sure you open and clear all obstacles on the Arctic Isles before next quest. This island will dispear after next quest complete. Q10: Restore the Light (100 coins, 100 leaf prizes)

1/2 Get two ice (if you follow this walkthrough, you should have already two ice, if not go back to Arctic Isles to open the treasure crates.
2/2 Complete the lighthouse challenge (need 10 leaf and lynx and should be all ready, 2 hrs )
Unlocks Grassy Savannah
By now you should be in level 2

Q11: Explore the Savannah

1/6 Sail for Geti Island (only lynX available cost 51 coins)

2/6 Find out what animal is hiding in the myster cave (on the left)
don't fix the bridge if you don't want to pay 15 crystal to skip or don't want to buy Giraffe) you may go arround to reach the cave. On your way you will see the blackberry bush, collect by clicking on it. You can now grow black berry. The treasure crate contains wooden plank.
Leave raspberry as bait (3 hrs). You rescued elephant. Sail back

3/6 build elephant a home (cost 3430 coins,6 hrs to build)
pick a home plot next to Grassland Monolith (with a question mark on top) and Collectible warehouse (160 leaf , 2 hrs)

4/6 repair the bridge to reach zebra.
sail back to Geti Island with Elephant and Lynx (61 coins, make sure to bring Lynx for clearing rocks, 4 hrs )
Find wildflowers in the Savannah to craft paint! First crate contains a Spade, the next crate contains a Wild Flower.
Continue to rescue the zebra down south. (need pass mini game)
Build a zebra home (4390 coins, 5 hrs)
pick a home plot to expand (180 leaf, 3 hrs)

5/6 Send Elephant and Zebra to continue exploring Geti Island (71 coins)
Find 2 clays: just follow the arrow pointing to the first crate.
Pick up the wooden Plank in the crate right before the broken bridge
Repair the bridge (should have all items, 6 hrs)
Follow the arrow to the second clay crate box. the next treasure crate box contains a Spade
follow the arrow to rescue the next animal
On the way you might get a mysterious map, a crystals in the treasure box.
Rescue the Rhino
build Rhino a home (5500 coins, 7 hrs to build)
Expand a home plot next to Monolith (with question mark) 200 leaf, 3 hrs to expand

Go to workshop to make paint using the wild flower (4 hrs)
Repair the workshop first (may do this earlier need 2 nails)
Complete the monolith challenge to unlock the Eastern Steppes
Should have all items required. takes 4 hrs

Q12: Berry Lover (a side quest: this can be done parallel to working on other quests)

Tip: to speed up you can unlock additional farm plot:
2nd. 2 spades 6 hrs 3rd. 10 spades 8 hrs, 4th. 30 spades, 9.75 hrs, 5th 55 spades, 9.75 hrs, 6th 99 spades, 9.75 hrs

1/6 Harvest 10 batches of blueberries or raspberries
2/6 harvest 25 batches of blueberries or rasbberries
3/6 Harvest 10 batches of blackberries
4/6 Harvest 25 batches of blackberries
5/6 harvest 50 batches of blueberries or raspberries
6/6 Harvest 50 batches of blackberries

Q13: Explore the Eastern Steppes (500 coins, 30 leaf reward)

1/6 Sail to Bamboo Island (666 coins)
creates contents: spade, bamboo
Rescue Jakoby the Black Fox
Build a home for Jakoby
expand home plot: 220 leaf, 3 hrs
build: 7650 coins, 6 hrs

Cook some Raspberry Treats (1 flour, 4 raspberries 3 hrs)
Send Jakoby the Black Fox back to Bamboo Island (770 coins)
Make sure to bring Rhino as wel to repair and cross bridge
Bridge repair takes 6 hrs
Clear the Rock on Bamboo Island
Tips: need to clear at least 20 rocks or you will be stuck on 2/6 and will not be progressing...
Crate contains Hammer
Rescue Zeno the Komodo Dragon
Expand: 4 hrs
build: 13770 coins, 8 hrs
After sail back to the mainland, Bamboo Island will dispear

3/6 (40 leaves, 500 coins)
cook some blueberry treats (2 hrs)
build a home for zeno the Komodo Dragon
expand: 280 leaf, 4 hrs, build: 13770 coins, 8 hrs
Sail to Jin Island with Brutus the Rhino (896 coins)
Rescue the trapped animal on the Jin island (Sushi the Bear)
Crates contents: Hammer, nail, flour
Repair bridge (just need to pick one of them both 6 hrs)
Send critter home
Expand: 330 leaves, 4 hrs
Build: 10k coins, 7 hrs.

4/6 Find some Bamboos in crates throughout the Eastern Steppes
Continue from step 3/6
Sail to Jin Island (make sure fox is included)
Crates contents: wooden plank, bamboo,
Repair bridge: 6 hrs
crate content: hammer, spade
Search the cave: different bait give different animals (from this regions only)

5/6 (60 leves, 1800 coins reward)
Sail to Panja Island
Bait the mysterious cave on Panja island with a blackberry
Repair the bridge takes 6 hrs
rescue a new my sterious animal from the cave on Panja island
got white lion
Expand: 350 leaves, 2 hrs
Build: 17930 coins, 5 hrs

This also check off another side quest: Rescue Alba The Lost White Lion with 10 crystals reward

6/6 (prize: 2100 coins, 80 leaves)

Find all the Bamboo (3) in the Eastern Steppes
sail to Panja Island to open the crate for bamboo
Craft a Ladder in your workshop (1 plank + 1 nail, 5 hrs)
Complete the Pagoda to unlock Alpine Summit
click on the pagoda (with question mark on top)
100 leaves + 3 bamboos + 1 ladder + rescued white lion takes 

  1. Q14: Explore the Alpine Summit

Sail to Apex Island (1148 coins)
cook black berries (4 hrs x 2)
rescue Faran the Ram from Apex Island
Crate content: metal bar
bridge repair: 8 hrs
Expand home plot: 400 leaves, 2 hrs
build Ram home: 22730 coins, 6 hrs

Final a Metal Bar in a crate in Summit region
cook 2 raspberries
Rescue the trapped animal on Apex Island (Badu the Mandrill)
1300 to sail. bridge repair 8 hrs. crate contains flour
expand plot: 420 leaves, 2 hrs
Build home: 28210 coins, 4 hrs

Bait the mysterious cave on Alpine Sumit Island
Sail to Apex Island (1467 coins)
Crate content: spade
Bridge repair: 8 hrs

Clear 15 rocks
Rescue the grass clearing animal from cave (6 hrs) (got Cougar)
Crate content: bucket
Make sure to resuce an animal with glass clearing skill (or this quest will stuck)
Expand: 450 leaves, 2 hrs
Home: 34430 coins, 7 hrs

Sail to Rocky Peak Island
Findal all 3 Metal Bars in Alpine Summit
crates: wooden Plank, 10 crystals, metal bar, nails, Hammer

Craft 1 Pick from workshop for the Gem Mine (6 hrs)
Rescue the trapped animal on Rocky Peak Island
crate content: flour, wooden plank, metal bar

Build a home for Malika the Black Leopard
Plot Expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs
Home Build: 41430 coins, 5 hrs

Craft all 3 picks for the Gem Mine from your workshop (6 hrs x 3)
Complete the Gem Mine so you can sail to North Forest
stage one: Click on the Gem Mine (with question mark top)
stage two: unlocks new region savannah

Q15: Explore the Northern Forest

Voyage to Redwood Island (1807 coins)
Clear 30 obstacles on Redwood Island
on the way crate contents: spade, wooden plank
Repare bridge: 6 hrs
Rescue Bhanu the Beaver from Redwood Island
Expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs
Home: 6 hrs

Place a bear Totem on your mainland (8000 coins, bear totem is a decoration and require level 8 to unlock)
Find a metal bar in a crate on Redwood island (2029 coins for sail)
Crate contents: wooden plank, rope, flour, metal bar
repair bridge: 6 hrs.
The metal bar is in the top left next to the trapped animal
Rescue the trapped animal (Tokala the Fox)
Expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs
Home Build: 58010 coins, 8 hrs

Bait the cave on Redwood Island in order to rescue the animal inside
Crate content: nail,
Bridge repair: 6 hrs
Bait: 4 hrs got Elephant, (depends on what bait you choose)
Explore the seas by sailing to 5 islands
Rescue Lupe the Wolf from Redwood Island
expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs
Home Build: 67720 coins, 5 hrs

Find a handle in a crate on Redwood Island (in the crate located left side of the cave and double bridge)
Crate contents: Wooden Plank, Flour, water bucket, 1 crystal (From a treasure box close to the trapped bear), Flour, Handle
The top bridge needs Clay, if don't have Clay you can build a bridge on the right side of a bridge over a mudding area (6 hrs)

Cook some raspberry treats x 2
cook some blueberry treats x 2
Rescue the Black Bear from Red Island Cave
Expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs
Home build: 78450 coins, 6 hrs

tips: try open all crates to find the rope for next step

Find the Rope in a crate on Redwood Island
Craft 1 Hammer from workshop (5 hrs)
Finish construction of the Animal Totem and prepare for future voyages
Animal Totem is located at north of mainland with question mark. Q16: Explore the Wild Tundra! 1/5 Prizes 1500 coins, 85 leaves

a: Sail to Thule Island with Notaku the Black Bear (4421 coins)
Note: I've four islands to choose from: Thule, Mata, Ocala

b: Cook some Blackberry treats for Notaku X 2 (4 hrs x 2)

c: Rescue Jitka the Musk Ox from Thule Island
Clear woods and glass to reach Musk Ox on top right.
Play mini game: Feed Black Bear 4 x Black Berry Treat to start.
Got Musk Ox: clears glass, energy 40
Sail back to main land.
Expand land: 500 leaves, 2 hrs
Jitka the Musk Ox Home: 208790 coins, 9 hrs to bulid

2/5: prizes: 2100 coins, 100 leaves

a: Open 4 crates full of treasure on Thule Island
Sail back to Thule Island (cost 4421 coins)
Note: need to make sure sail with black bear and critters with abilities to clear stone, glass, wood.
Crate contents: Spade, Flour, Sand, Four

b: Cross the fronzen Pond on Thule island!
Need 2 nails, 30 leaves, Black Bear to fix bridge, takes no time

c: Rescue the trapped animal on Thule island (right corner of island)
Play mini game to rescue Niko The Caribou (clears stones, 20 energies)
Expand Land: 500 leaves, 2 hrs
Home: 246100 coins, 11 hrs to build

3/5: rewards 2600 coins, 140 leaves

a: Bait the cave on the Thule Island
Sail back to Thule Island: costs 4595 coins, make sure to bring Black Bear and critter that can clear stone, glass
Fix the bridge: 3300 coins, 90 leaves, Black Bear, 6 hrs
Tips: Try use bait that has possiblity of getting you critters that you don't have yet (the ones with questions mark)
I've used blue berry as bait. (4 hrs) (got Musk Ox a duplicated)
It doesn't matter what animal you rescued, the quest step will check off.

b: Cook more Treats for your animal x5

c: Play some games at home with your animals! x 4 (any mini games will do)

4/5: rewards: 3200 coins, 160 leaves

a: Sail to 4 islands on your search for advanture!
I picked Thule Island for the step c first. 4595 coins per trip
Rescue Grizzly Bear.
Expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs
Home: 208790 coins, no time to build

b: clear some obstacles on any island x 30

c: Resuce the final Wild Tundra animal from a mysterious cave! (Wild Tundra: 100 crystals to buy)
Tips: Need to have all four rescued. If you get a duplicated from mystery cave, you will have to try again when island renew.
Expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs

5/5 Reward: 4000 coins, 200 leaves

a: Build a home for Mirko the Mountain Goat

b: Craft enough glass at your workshop for the Butterfly Conservatory (6 hrs x 3)

c: Complete the Butterfly Conservatory! (3 glass, 100 leaves no time) #Crystals Side Quests (Optional)

Crystal Quests:

CQ1: Restore the Tower of Time

Discover what lies beyond the bridge on your mainland! (5 crystals reward)
25 crystal to repair bridge

Rescue the mysterious animal waiting on the far side of the bridge (10 crystals reward)
Rescue Cregan the Direwolf
expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs
Home build: 120 coins, no building time.
Grow enough blue berries to explore Pastopia (need 2)

Sail to venture to Fossil Island
Reinforce the bridge to support Mammoth's weight
Crate contents: nail, torch, spade, 5 crystals
Repair bridge: 60 crystals + 1 nail
We'll need to the powerful Mammoth to rebuild the tower
Make sure collect 25 leaves from this island before sail back home
Collect 25 leaves from the acient wood on Fossil!
Sail back
Expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs
Build: 120 coins

3/3 Restore the Tower of time (15 crystalls rewards)
Rescue the prehistoric guardian of the Tower: a Dodo
Bridge cost 100 crystals
Crate contents: Torch, coins, nail, stone pile
sail back home.
Expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs, home build: 120 coins

Find the missing stone for the tower's foundations
Collect all 3 torches of ancient fire from crates on Fossil Island
Save the biggest reptile alive
Bridge: 200 crystals
Crate: the third torch
Rescued animal: Spike The Stegosaurus
expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs, home build: 120 coins

Restore the prehistoric Tower of Time (one with question mark on top)

CQ2: Reunite the Royal Family

1/3 (5 crystals reward)
Explore the fabulous world beyond the Golden bridge
100 crystals to repair bridge. Unlocks Magical Clouds region.

Rescue the first Creature of Legend from its magical trap
animal: Unicorn
expand: 500 leaves, 2 hrs, home: 120 coins

Travel to Magik Island and collect some sand!
crate content: sword, nail, 1 crystal (in trasure box), sand

2/3 (10 crystals reward)

Find the Dragon King and save him (Ember the Fire Dragon)
200 crystals for bridge.
Crate box content: 5 crystals (the north one), spade
Sail back for expend and home (500 leaves, 2 hrs, 120 coins to build)

The King lost his coin treasure! Find it back! (the crate after cross bridge has coin, the other one has sword)

Rescue the Gryphon the faithfull royal Councellor!
400 crystals to repair bridge.

Build a home for the King's Councellor!
Find all magic swords for the King's guard
600 crystals to repair the bridge on the right side
Crate content: wild flower, sword

3/3 15 crystals reward

The Queen is trapped under a pile of wood! Save her!
Keep digging to reveal the Borealis the Ice Dragon

Buy a Serpent Topiary in the Queen's honor (45 crystals)

Find a Wild flower on Magic Island!

Use it to prepare some paint in the workshop! 4 hrs

Repair and repaint the Castle of Fantasy Kingdom! (with question mark on top)