• Heidi2524

    Could Be The Tipping Point

    September 15, 2013 by Heidi2524

    So these days I'm just letting the game run completely in the background and check it every now and then to gather coins to build the Black Bear is 175,210 coin mansion. Which is getting kinda boring.

    This may be the tipping point where the game is no longer worth playing. In all of the other FTP (free to play) games I've looked at, there comes a tipping point where I don't get enough enjoyment out of the game to keep playing because in order to advance, it's soooo much time or it's pay real money. This might be that point for Animal Voyage.

    Also, just gathering coins also gains me XP which increases my Level which means it costs more to sail my ship around. So I'm not sailing that ship around much any more (remember that $175k mansion that …

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  • Heidi2524

    Game Play Shift

    September 9, 2013 by Heidi2524

    "Farmed" (cleared obstacles) on a lot of islands, found 100 Crystals and completed the bridge to get Spike the Stegasarus. Mission Accomplished! Then had a fun taking Spike around to islands because he eats blueberries (short growing time), clears all obstacles (grass, trees, rocks), and uses his tail to whack stuff which is a fun animation to watch.

    I got lucky and found Malika the Black Leopard so the Game Play Shift is to now raise coins because OMG that kitty requires an expensive house - like 71,560 coins worth of expensive.

    So far, I've found playing the Gorilla Match 3 game (2 blueberies, always win, get 70 coins), crafting ladders (sells for 200 coin each), selling blackberries (45 minute grow time, get 4, sell for 10 each), and cook…

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  • Heidi2524

    Playing for Cheap

    September 1, 2013 by Heidi2524

    I'll play FTP (free to play) games to see what the game strategy is and where the game designers put in the IAP (in app purchases). How far can someone really play without having to buy stuff in the game to keep going?

    So far, I've spent $0.99 on Animal Voyage - I bought the intital Bonus Pack that showed up on the left side on my screen. I put off buying it for a few days because I was still learning the game. Once I understood how valuable crystals were, I bought the bonus pack to get the crystals which is a very good real money/crystal ratio compared to what is always offered in the Marketplace - I do recommend spending that $0.99 on the Bonus pack if you are going to play Animal Voyage for more than a few hours.

    Unfortunately, I then bew…

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