So these days I'm just letting the game run completely in the background and check it every now and then to gather coins to build the Black Bear is 175,210 coin mansion. Which is getting kinda boring.

This may be the tipping point where the game is no longer worth playing. In all of the other FTP (free to play) games I've looked at, there comes a tipping point where I don't get enough enjoyment out of the game to keep playing because in order to advance, it's soooo much time or it's pay real money. This might be that point for Animal Voyage.

Also, just gathering coins also gains me XP which increases my Level which means it costs more to sail my ship around. So I'm not sailing that ship around much any more (remember that $175k mansion that needs to be built to get the Black Bear off my dock?) which part of the fun of the game. It also means I'm not gaining any Crystals, so I can't unlock bridges to cool animals as I did before.

The latest update didn't help things:

- I find the new sound affects annoying (such as the shoveling gravel sound when objects fall in the Match 3 games - very unappealing)

- Having to pay to "unlock a room" for an animal I have already built a house for is a greedy coin grab as that used to be free, and penalizes me for bringing home Mystery Animals I have no control over - I don't mind building a home for a new animal, but not to house one that was randomly given.

As for the timed islands, I didn't care, but now they might be helpful as they will expire while I'm sitting at Home gathering coins and new islands with more crates might show up in their place. Of course, by then I'll be a higher Level so it'll cost even more to sail my ship so I might not go explore them anyway.

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